10 Carols and a Lullaby by David M Regen

10 Carols and a Lullaby Recreational

Clicking on any of these titles should take you to the named pdf file,
which you can save in an appropriate folder, possibly one you
create named "10 Carols Recreational".
VocalDuetsWithChords    pdf scores
Keyboard&VocalDuets    pdf scores
ClassicGuitar&VocalDuets    pdf scores
RecorderTrios    pdf scores
RecorderQuartetsSATT    pdf scores
RecorderQuartetsSATB    pdf scores
RecorderQuintets    pdf scores
ViolinFluteOrnaments    pdf scores
SimpleHarmonyBellXylo    pdf scores
MixedChorus    pdf scores
GermanLyricDuets&Keyboard    pdf scores

Sample audios, Recorder ensemble with voices
ChristmasAngels    mp3 audio
ComeLittleChildren    mp3 audio

First draft (pre Michael Graham) MIDI & two voices
ChristmasAngels    wav audio
ChristmasCheer    wav audio
ChristmasComes    wav audio
ComeLittleChildren    wav audio
EveryYearAtChristmas    wav audio
HoliestNight    wav audio
KlingGlocken    wav audio
QuietlyRustlesTheSnow    wav audio
SingAndRing    wav audio
SweetlyTheBells    wav audio
HowManyStarlets    wav audio

Sample videos
SweetlyTheBells    YouTube
HoliestNight    YouTube
SingAndRing    YouTube

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